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May 02, 2012

We were so excited to hear from Tahoe Unveiled…they featured an image from Cori & Adam’s fabulous wedding in their article about creative alternatives to the bouquet.  Enter Cori’s amazing pinwheels here!  Glad to see that Cori’s wedding planning ingeniousness is spreading far and wide :)  Happy Wednesday!

February 10, 2012

As you know, I am still working on fixing up our house day by day.  One project that seems to be ongoing is getting window treatments up.  And for anyone that’s been down this road, you know, custom shades are pretty pricey.  I couldn’t find a fabric I liked for our bathroom window for under $250, so I decided to make my own!

For any of you that follow the fabulous design blog of Hannah, you know that I have already made a similar one for the kitchen.  I decided to essentially replicate this same method to keep it nice and relaxed.  The fabric is a Dwell Studio fabric I’ve wanted for a long time, and I snagged two yards of it from for $30 with a coupon.  That’s a whole lot better than $250!  I temporarily put up some chocolate-colored ribbon I had lying around, but I may experiment with a more gray/silvery tone to pull out that color in the fabric.

Hope this little bit of DIY inspires you!


You planned your outfits for the session, picked a time, and got the whole family coordinated.  That’s no small feat!  And now that it’s over and you picked your favorites, you need to get some photos printed!  Be it prints for the wall, canvas wraps, or even albums, we all owe it to ourselves to give our most special images a life beyond pixels.  I myself even find that my images spend way too long on my computer or in online galleries before I choose my favorites to get printed.

My goal here is to try to fight that inertia, and share some inspiration for getting those images out on display!  Hopefully this will be an ongoing little segment to keep the creative ideas flowing for everyone out there working on getting those pictures on display, myself included!

In this first one, I love that it’s all in one continuous frame.  It keeps it all unified even with different subject matter scattered throughout:

This set is pretty unique:

I love all the different sizes and shapes of black frames.  

What an eclectic chalkboard!

These black and white photographs framed identically is such a nice classic look.  Can’t go wrong!

All of these images/sources can be found here on my Pinterest.  Once I make some progress on my own photographs I will be sharing!

January 13, 2012

Last month, I mentioned the amazingly talented designer/decorator, and awesome friend of mine, Hannah Maple.  I have been really into design lately, and have been trying to make our own home reflect our style.  So, I sought out Hannah’s expertise on a little house project of my own.

Billy’s aunt was kind enough to give us a beautiful hutch that she no longer had any use for, and I immediately knew on which bare kitchen wall I wanted it to live.  It’s exciting to have a spot full of all of our tea sets and glasses that are too pretty to stay behind cabinet doors.  The only problem was, the finish of our craigs-listed kitchen table and chairs did not blend well with the hutch.  And neither did my first paint color trial of a smoky gray on the chairs:

So, after looking at different stain and paint samples with Hannah, I refinished the kitchen table with a darker stain, painted the chairs black for more contrast, and picked up a $5 Restore chair to sit next to the hutch.  It all started coming together…

Now it’s a blend of finishes, tones, and textures.  I love that Hannah helped me create a look that I love on a true budget with our existing pieces.  It’s still not done…she did recommend a nice houseplant for the right side of the hutch for some balance, and also some textiles, whether it’s a tablecloth or a little pillow for the Restore chair.  So I’m excited to keep the space evolving!

Thanks for indulging me as I share a little of my house and explore my penchant for all things interior.  Also, I just love following Hannah’s posts, so be sure to get your Maple + Shade inspiration, too!  Happy Friday!